Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Tips for Quick Bread Bakers

Quick breads are flour mixtures (or alternates such as corn, oats, or rice) leavened with baking powder/soda, instead of yeast.

They can be sweet (as in desserts) or savory (as in tea biscuits/muffins).

There are 1,000's of quick bread recipes, but only a handful of reasons for their failure to bring pleasing results.

Over mixing of liquid and dry ingredients is the #1 reason for failure. These should only be stirred, with a wooden spoon, just until combined and there are no visible lumps. You aren't looking for a smooth batter (as in cake, or pancakes here).

Other reasons for failure include: activating the baking soda too soon (be sure all ingredients are assembled in advance; too hot/too cold oven; baked too long; insufficient mixing of liquid ingredients before adding to dry; too much, or inappropriate flour type. Please remember, baking continues after product is removed from the oven heat.

Your end product should always be:

1. Even in shape
2. Well browned
3. Rough and slightly rounded on the surface
4. Even in texture, on the inside
5. Light in both weight, and to the pallet

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